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Velsmidja Orms og Viglundar ehf.

Velsmiðja Orms og Viglundar has good workshop in Kaplahraun 14-16, Hafnarfjordur.  We have a big C-press, plate roller, plate cutters, pulver-welding machines and other machines. We also have large machining tools, it can machine up to 12 meter long propeller shafts, also we have a vertical machining tools  that can take 6 tons on a rotating platform, CNC machining tools.




 Nozzel machined.

 Propeller hub machined.


VÚlsmi­ja Orms og VÝglundar ehf. - Kt. 480998-2789 - Kaplahrauni 14-16 - 220 Hafnarfj÷r­ur

Tel (+354) 555 4199 - Fax (+354) 555 1421 voov@internet.is

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