Metal shop

The Metal workshop is well equipped with tools and located in a 700 m² floor space at Vesturhraun 1. 210 Garðabær, the workshop is equipped to handle most metal work, rolling, CNC cutting, grinding, custom making, and metal repair work on site or in the workshop.

Most of the work used to be related to the fishing and commercial vessels, but for the last decade it has branched out to include Aluminum Smelters, Geothermal Power Plants, Steel Smelting Plants and other land based industries.

The company policy is that no job is neither too big nor small; they all get our maximum efforts. The steel workshop has welders with EN-ISO 9606 and EN-287 certifications in most welding processes from Lloyd’s, Norsk Veritas and Applus and welding procedures for steel and stainless steel certified by Lloyd’s register IST EN ISO 15614